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Il commento - FRANCIA - Germania - Paesi Bassi - Regno Unito - Spagna - Svezia - Cina - USA

Periodo: 25 aprile-1 maggio 2022 - Fonte: GFK/Livres Hebdo



Numero 1 narrativa N Titolo Titolo in inglese Autore Editore Prezzo A
1 1 L'affaire Alaska Sanders The Alaska Sanders Affair Joël Dicker Rosie & Wolfe 23,00€ abstract
2 2 Lucia Lucia Bernard Minier XO 22,90€ abstract
3 New Dans les brumes de Capelans In the Mists of Saint Pierre Olivier Norek Michel Lafon 20,95€ abstract
4 New Agatha Raisin enquête. Vol. 31. Au galop ! Hot to Trot M.C. Beaton Albin Michel 14,90€ abstract
5 New Notre otage à Acapulco Our Hostage in Acapulco Jean-Christophe Rufin Flammarion 20,00€ abstract
6 4 Le Grand Monde The Big World Pierre Lemaitre Calmann-Lévy 22,90€ abstract
7 3 La déraison Unreason Agnès Martin-Lugand Michel Lafon 19,95€ abstract
8 7 Les douleurs fantômes Phantom Pains Mélissa Da Costa Albin Michel 19,90€ abstract
9 5 La ritournelle The Refrain Aurélie Valognes Fayard 18,90€ abstract
10 8 Regardez-nous danser. Le pays des autres. vol. 2. Watch Us Dance Leïla Slimani Gallimard 21,00€ abstract


N Titolo Titolo in inglese Autore Editore Prezzo A Numero 1 saggistica
1 1 Le laboureur et les mangeurs de vent The Plowman and the Wind Eaters Boris Cyrulnik Odile Jacob 22,90€
2 New Le plaisir de penser The Pleasure of Thinking André Comte-Sponville Vuibert 19,90€
3 3 Climat, crises Climat, Crises The Shift Project (Laboratoire D'Idées) Odile Jacob 11,90€
4 New L'éclaireur The Scout Sergueï Jirnov Nimrod 23,00€
5 5 La clé de votre énergie The Key to Your Energy Natacha Calestrémé Albin Michel 19,90€
6 New Giuseppa Giuseppa Giuseppa Ciurleo M6 editions 15,00€
7 2 Les fossoyeurs The Gravediggers Victor Castanet Fayard 22,90€
8 Back Trouver ma place Find my Place Natacha Calestrémé Albin Michel 20,90€
9 Back Foutriquet Tomfool Michel Onfray Albin Michel 19,90€
10 8 Réveillons-nous ! Let's Wake Up! Edgar Morin Denoël 12,00€


NARRATIVA - Descrizione

The Alaska Sanders Affair is the prequel to the Harry Quebert Affair. April 1999. Mount Pleasant, a peaceful New Hampshire town, is devastated by murder. The body of a young woman, Alaska Sanders, is found at the edge of a lake. The investigation is quickly closed when the police obtain the confessions of the culprit and his accomplice. Eleven years later, the case bounces back. Sergeant Perry Gahalowood, of the New Hampshire State Police, persuaded to have elucidated the crime at the time, receives a disturbing anonymous letter. What if he had followed a false lead?
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"A group of criminology students at Salamanca university discover the existence of a serial killer who has gone undetected for several decades and who stages his crime scenes to resemble Renaissance paintings. In Madrid, Detective Lucia Guerrero finds her colleague crucified on a calvary and sets out to follow the trail that leads to the man they nicknamed “The Glue Killer”. They are all confronted with their own past, their worst fears, and a truth more terrifying than any legend or myth."
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After a criminal investigation gone wrong led to the death a unit officer, Inspector Coste has resigned from the force and handed in his badge. So, what is he doing six years later on a windswept island plagued by snowstorms and fog between Greenland and Canada? Why is his house surrounded by a battalion of security cameras and equipped with bulletproof windows? Why has he been forced to go undercover and to lie to his nearest and dearest? And why has he taken a woman into his home who was a key witness in a case involving the disappearance of nine young girls? When the impressive capelin fog rolls in, shrouding the island for three long weeks and concealing a predator desperate to silence the star witness, Coste, in turn, will find himself hunted and forced to realize that he is – and always has been – a cop at heart. In the mists of Saint Pierre, he will also come to realize that sometimes there’s no escaping destiny, try as you may.
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Hot to Trot is part 31 of the Agatha Raisin series. When Private Detective Agatha Raisin learns that her friend and one-time lover Charles Fraith is to be married to a mysterious socialite, Miss Mary Brown-Field, she sees it as her duty to find out what she can about the woman. Coming up empty, Agatha—out of selfless concern for Charles, of course—does the only sensible thing she can think of: she crashes their wedding, which ends in a public altercation. Nursing a hangover the next morning, she gets a phone call from Charles, with even more disturbing news: Mary has been murdered.

Agatha takes on the case, and quickly becomes entrenched in the competitive equestrian world, in which Mary had been enmeshed—as well as the victim’s surprisingly violent past. Agatha finds no shortage of motives among a wide range of characters, from Mary's old riding competitors, to enemies from her schoolgirl days, to her surly father, who threatens Agatha to mind her own business. Meanwhile, the police department has its money on another suspect: Agatha. Will she track down the criminal in time, or end up behind bars herself?
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"is part 4 of the Aurel Timescu series. The young Martha Laborne has vanished in Acapulco. Bad news for the Quai d’Orsay for she is the daughter of a French politician. In the 1960s, the “Pearl of the Pacific” was a paradise for Hollywood stars. Alas, these days the city is at the mercy of the worst Mexican drug cartels. Aurel Timescu, our disaster-prone Consul, is dispatched to assess the situation. As he is wont, he is strongly determined not to lift a finger. His hotel, Los Flamingos, is haunted by the ghosts of Tarzan, Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra. By following in the footsteps of the heroes who fascinated him so much in his childhood, he will reveal a new hedonistic, dandyish, Tequiladrinking Aurel. Unwittingly, he will be exposed to murderous plots, unchartered dangers, and the most fearsome of all challenges: a passion for an outstanding woman. "
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Three love stories. A whistleblower, a lost teenager, two processions, Buddha and Confucius, an ambitious journalist, a tragic death, the cat Joseph, an unbelievable wife, dirty traffic, an actress who is incognito, a raid on hell, that idiot Doueiri, a mysterious accent, the postwoman from Lamberghem, big promotion on household linen, the return of the past, a scent of exoticism, a sudden and irresistible passion. And a few murders.
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A woman at death's door. A man who is unable to end his life. Their two voices rise in turns to entrust the reader with their story, their ills, their demons, and more than anything, their crazy love. A love that inspires, reunites and saves as much as it was able to destroy and separate.
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Philippe is forty years old. He is a commercial director, married and the father of two children. Amber is twenty years old, has no job and has no one. Except him. When, overwhelmed by the emptiness of her life, she tries to commit suicide. So Philippe, who is trying to save his family, sends her far away, to a mountain village, to rebuild herself and to learn to live without him. That is when, Amber ends up at a soap opera of a hotel, where a band of seasonal workers live, all a little damaged by life. But together, they form a story of friendships, doubts, anger, resentment, love and healing.
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All family meals follow one another and resemble each other: the same dishes, the same guests, the same discussions. All except this year. It doesn't take much to shatter: unsaid, old grudges and bad faith will turn the dinner party into a settling of scores in due and proper form. What if family meals were finally an opportunity to say things to each other?
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Watch Us Dance is the sequel to The Country of Others. In Watch Us Dance, the timeline starts in 1968, in an independent Morocco which is struggling to find its new identity, torn between the archaisms and the illusory temptations of Western modernity, between the obsession with images and the wounds of shame. It is in this troubled period, between hedonism and repression, that a new generation will have to make choices.
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